WZSATU – Notice of Bonus Entitlement

Reference Number  : ILC-10052018-00023 

WZSATU – Notice of Bonus Entitlement

Company Name Stock Name Date Announced




Bonus issue of up to 157,321,584 new ordinary shares in WZ Satu Berhad (“WZ Satu”) (“Bonus Shares”) on the basis of 1 Bonus Share for every 3 existing ordinary shares held in WZ Satu (“Bonus Issue”).

Further to Reference No. ILC-30042018-00007, kindly be advised of the following :

1)    The above Company’s securities will be traded and quoted “[Ex-Bonus Issue]” as from: 14 May 2018
2)    The last date of lodgment : 16 May 2018

Remarks 1: Please be informed that the entitlement date for the Bonus Issue has been changed from 14 May 2018 to 16 May 2018 in view of the declaration of 10 May 2018 and 11 May 2018 as public holidays. Arising from the migration to the no par value regime under the Companies Act, 2016, par value is no longer relevant. Any fractional entitlements that may arise from the Bonus Issue shall be disregarded and dealt with in such manner as the Board of Directors of WZ Satu shall in its absolute discretion deem fit or expedient and in the best interest of WZ Satu. The Bonus Shares will be listed and quoted on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 17 May 2018, being the next market day after the entitlement date for the Bonus Issue. The notices of allotment of the Bonus Shares will be issued and despatched to the entitled shareholders of WZ Satu for the Bonus Issue within 4 market days after the date of the listing of and quotation for the Bonus Shares on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Remarks 2:  Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd would like to clarify that on the basis of settlement taking place after 16 May 2018 (Instead of 14 May 2018)  with bonus issue of WZSATU shares, any shareholder who is entitled to receive WZSATU bonus issue shares, may sell any or all of his WZSATU shares arising from the bonus issue beginning the Ex-Date 14 May 2018 (Instead of 10 May 2018).

For example, if Mr X purchases 300 WZSATU shares on cum basis on 8 May 2018 (Remain Unchanged)  Mr X should receive 300  shares on 16 May 2018 (Instead of 14 May 2018). As a result of the bonus issue, a total of 400 WZSATU shares will be credited into Mr X’s CDS account on the night of  16 May 2018(Instead of 14 May 2018) being the Book Closing Date. Therefore, Mr X can sell the bonus issue shares of 400 on or after the Ex-Date ie from 14 May 2018 (Instead of 10 May 2018) onwards.”